Vibram as the world leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance rubber soles for outdoor arrives at ISPO 2020 presenting the Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain, a new version of the most advanced grip technology for wet ice, the technology that allows for an increase in grip on ice, particularly wet ice.







From the outset, Vibram’s aim was to increase the durability and grip of Vibram Arctic Grip technology, above all in cases where the sole is put to work on non-icy sections of terrain. The Vibram R&D department has developed a new compound, Vibram XS Trek Evo, capable of working in perfect combination with Vibram Arctic Grip technology, maintaining the excellent grip performance on wet ice unaltered, while increasing the durability of the sole on non-icy winter terrains. This led to the creation of the Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain technology.

The Vibram XS Trek Evo compound is characterized by its excellent properties of durability and versatility. It is a high-performance compound, with a composition that ensures excellent grip on a wide range of terrains. Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain is suited to various types of footwear, from more urban models to those destined for the outdoors. In all cases, the lugs with Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain technology have been designed to be wide, in order to increase the contact surface area and emphasize the performance of the technology.



URBAN WINTER CASUAL: When temperatures begin to fall, grip and traction make a significant difference, even in urban situations. Even in the city, walkers may encounter slippery and icy surfaces caused by rain and snow that, with a sharp drop in temperatures, increase the risk of slipping. Vibram has created a series of soles equipped with Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain technology, specifically designed for use in the city and suited to everyday life, particularly during the winter months. This new line of soles offers a range of applications created both for more elegant footwear as well as more casual styles. The design of the new sole is characterized by wide Vibram Arctic Grip lugs and a shallow tread for a more sophisticated style.

WINTER TRAIL RUNNING: Winter trail running calls for the utmost performance from equipment. Runners in fact find themselves facing the most extreme conditions, both in terms of very low temperatures and a wide range of terrains. Vibram has launched a series of new soles equipped with Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain technology and designed to take on the most challenging off-road routes. Whether tackling mud and ice, or either fresh or compact snow, for winter trail running the best solution is Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain. The design optimizes performance on trails, both while climbing and when the foot brakes, with deep tread to aid self-clearing of ice and snow.

WINTER HIKING: Winter hiking is undoubtedly more challenging. When facing hours and days of walking, choosing the right footwear makes all the difference. There are a wide range of terrains involved, with frozen lakes and rivers, snow-covered rocks, tree roots, slippery leaves and mud. It is in these situations that Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain is most at home; from the trail to the peak, soles with the new Vibram technology will be the perfect walking companion. The tread design has wide Vibram Arctic Grip lugs, for the best performance on mixed surfaces, and deep tread that aids the self-clearing of ice and snow.

WINTER TREKKING AND APPROACH: In the case of difficult conditions and challenging terrains, Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain is the ideal solution for lovers of winter mountain adventure. The new technology provides valid support for those who spend long periods in the mountains, also for work, and who therefore need a valid ally in order to be able to take on a wide range of situations. The design of the soles created for trekking and approach is versatile and optimised for grip and durability. The deep tread facilitates the removal of ice and snow.






Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain