The WRMA World Mountain Running Championships has now started. At this moment the Junior race and the Classic (14k) have ended and the WMRA Long Distance (42k) will be launched this Saturday in K42 Villa La Angostura . The spanish team will debut here with a higher level than the Ultra world cup run till today (IAU-ITRA) since 2015. Spain has fighted in the ultras to lead the medals, but this WMRA World Mountain Running Championships seems to be harder for them.






JUNIOR RACE: Friday, June 15h the junior races started, men’s race was launched at 9.45am and women’s race at 10.15  with a 6.6km race with 393m gain.

The men race finished with the victory of the British Joseph Dugdale, in second position arrived the Turkish Sebih Bahar and finishing in third position the mexican. The team’s classification was:

  1. Great Britain
  2. Turkey
  3. Italy



On the women side, the victory was for the Italian Angela Mattevi, in second position the Czech Barbora Havlickova and finishing in third position the French Jade Rodriguez, team’s classification:

  1. Italy
  2. Turkey
  3. Czech Republic



WMRA CLASSICS (14k): We also had today the CLASSICS with 14km and 754 elevation gain.

Andrew Douglas, the favorite was not able to beat the rest of runners this time. The victory was for the American Joseph Gray, followed by the Italian Cesare Maestri and finishing in third position the Czech Marek Chrascina. Andrew Douglas finished in seventh position, team’s classification: :

  1. Czech Republic
  2. United States
  3. Italy


The American Greyson Murphy won the women’s race followed by the French Elise Poncet, y in the third position the Britsh Phillipa Williams, being the team’s classification as:

  1. France
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Great Britain



LONG DISTANCE (42k): This race will start Saturday 16th.





All the events have incredible fields and we are certain to see some really exciting racing. We will mention just a few of the runners to watch (based on the start lists available at the moment).

For the women senior race, the 2019 World Cup winner, Sarah McCormack, will be running for Ireland. After a very successful season, where she won the Snowdon Race and was second at the MaXi Race, Drei Zinnen and Smarna Gora, she must be one of the favorites. She will face strong competition from many women. Firstly, the World Cup winner from 2017 and 2018 (second this year), Lucy Murigi, proved that she will be a contender, winning Smarna Gora a few weeks ago in a thrilling race with McCormack.

Sarah Tunstall of GB will also be a favourite, having finished 3rd in the world championships in 2017 and having won Grossglockner and Drei Zinnen this year. Her compatriot Emmie Collinge must also be one to watch. She was 2nd in the world championships in 2015 and won the European Mountain Running Championships the following year. Other women to watch include Italy’s Elisa Sortini and Alice Gaggi, France’s Elise Poncet and Grayson Murphy, who won the US trial.



For the men senior race, World Cup winner, Andrew Douglas, will also be in Villa La Angostura, and will be among the favorites, having had an incredible 2019 season. Joe Gray won the US trials and as 2016 world champion and 17 time national champion, he must also be one to watch. Ireland’s Zak Hannah, who finished 6th in the World Cup this year, will also be a strong competitor, as will Slovenia’s Timotej Becan, who finished 5th.

The Italian team is strong as ever with Xavier Chevrier, Luca Cagnati and Casare Maestri among others who could well feature in the top 10. The French team is also very strong with Julien Rancon and Alexandre Fine. The Kenyan team contains Robert Panin Surum and Timothy Kimutai Kirui, who could feature. Other runners to watch include Hans-Peter Innerhofer of Austria and GB’s Jacob Adkin, this year’s European Champion, is a favourite to be up there.



Over the longer distance the women’s race should also be really exciting. One of the most interesting athletes to watch will be Laura Dahlmeier of Germany, who has famously swapped an incredibly successful career as a biathlete for mountain running. France’s Blandin L’hirondel won this year’s Trail World Championships, so it will be interesting to see how that translates to mountain running. Judith Wyder of Switzerland should also be a strong favourite, having had a hugely successful season in Skyrunning. Her compatriot Maude Mathys will also be a strong contender.
Spain are fielding a very strong team, with Sheila Aviles (who was 3rd at this year’s Trail World Championships) and Azara Garcia de los Salmones (4th at the Trail World Championships, 2nd at this year’s OCC), among others expected to feature. Other runners to watch include Italy’s Sylvia Rampazzo, Adeline Roche of France, Kellie Emmerson of Australia.

The men’s long distance race has had a couple of big names pull out – Luis Alberto Hernando of Spain and GB’s Tom Evans – but it still has plenty of incredible athletes. The 2019 World Trail Champion Jonathan Albon from GB will be among the favourites, as will Italy’s Francesco Puppi. But it’s perhaps the US team which has aroused the most interest. Jim Walmsley, Hayden Hawks and Mario Mendoza are strongly expected to feature in the race. Other runners to watch include Switzerland’s Stephan Wenk, GB’s Seb Batchelor and France’s Nicolas Martin.
We will finally have the the junior races that will be hotly contested and the future of mountain running is looking very bright. Among the runners are the British junior Joe Dugdale, who won this year’s European championships, and Joslin Blair of the US, who won the 2018 WMRA International U18 Mountain Running Championships.





Info by Mayayo for Trailrunningspain