The new GARMIN FENIX 6 SERIES was launched AUG29th at Chamonix. And was there to get all information about the new series of one of the best gps watches in the market. Will it be the king of the gps? Do they have many new features? If you wanna know more keep reading this article.

During the presentation in the UTMB we were able to talk with Jon Hosler, Garmin Senior Product Manager who presented us the characteristics of the three models of this new Fenix 6 series. After our initial review of big brother Garmin Fenix 6X, now let us nmove on with the GARMIN FENIX 6S as its small size and light weight, plus more accesible pricing will make it the best choice for many users.





On Thursday, August 29th, Garmin announced the FENIX 6 series, the next generation of its flagship GPS multisport smartwatch lineup. In between the new features, the FENIX 6 collection includes Power Manager for longer battery life, allows runners to better plan their race with new PacePro™ technology and introduces the largest round display from Garmin, plus the Solar charge system for one of the devices. “We are thrilled to introduce solar charging into the new FENIX 6X Pro Solar edition, giving users all of the features they’ve come to expect from the FENIX lineup with increased battery life and larger displays,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “In addition to our brand-new solar technology, we’ve built the FENIX 6 to redefine expectations, with enhanced features and design elements to appeal to driven athletes and adventurers of every kind.


FENIX 6 SERIES: Fenix 6X, Fenix 6 and Fenix 6S


FENIX 6S, FENIX 6 and FENIX 6X Pro Solar: The new series have new feature that make a difference between this new version and the FENIX 5 and FENIX 5 PLUS series. The most important and relevant one is the new Solar Charging system, a feature that has not been included before in any other sport watch and where Garmin thinks it will give a big jump over the sport watches, after looking to many other different ways of wireless charging.

As the first Garmin GPS watch to offer solar charging, the FENIX 6X Pro Solar edition is designed with Power GlassTM, a transparent solar charging lens that uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. Because of its unique solar charging technology, users will have more on-wrist time to enjoy their activities, training features, colour mapping, music streaming and much more. Users can quickly check the solar harvesting performance of their FENIX right on the wrist. The battery performance on the FENIX 6X Pro Solar in smartwatch mode is 21 days plus an additional 3 days when utilizing the solar charging capabilities.



But Garmin has not only improved the battery life in this FENIX 6X Pro Solar, they have also included in the three models the new customizable Power Manager that allows the user to see and control how various settings and sensors impact battery life. For more confidence before an activity or a long distance trail trunning race, battery remaining can be represented in hours and days to help determine whether the adventure can last until the next charge. Users can adjust their battery saving modes by disabling certain features to extend battery life on the fly. In summary, according Garmin Product Manager Jon Hosler, FENIX 6 has improved the battery life a 100% on respect of the older versions for FENIX 5 and FENIX 5 PLUS.




The FENIX 6 and FENIX 6X multisport GPS watches feature a rugged, sophisticated design and are constructed for a trimmer, more comfortable fit on the wrist, while increasing the display size to 1.3’’ and 1.4’’ respectively, which is 17 and 36 percent bigger than previous FENIX models. FENIX 6S remains with the 1.2” display, a watch fit for smaller wrists. However, the company has reduced the whole sphere to make it 15% thinner than previous models. In addition to bigger display sizes, Garmin has introduced new QuickFitTM nylon bands and silicone colors. Sapphire editions add the quality and durability of a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and other high-performance premium materials.




The FENIX 6 series introduces a very interesting new feature that can help the runners on their races, the first-of-its-kind PacePro feature, which keeps a runner’s pacing strategy on track with grade-adjusted guidance as they run a course. Runners can create plans directly from the watch or ahead of time on Garmin ConnectTM or Garmin Connect Mobile. While running the course, users will be able to see their target split pace, the actual split pace, distance to the next split, and how much time they are ahead/behind on their target, right on the watch face. Will this substitute the Pace wirstbands? I guess so. This feature can be combined with the popular ClimbPro feature, that allows trail runners and cyclists who like to train in hilly areas, gain better awareness of their environment and their performance during climbs.



The FENIX series includes TopoActive Europe maps for outdoor adventures, ski maps for over 2,000 ski resorts worldwide, and 41,000 golf courses. Adding a new functionality called Trendline which allows the user to find at any moment the most popular routes on and specific place, allowing the runner to follow any of them. Featuring on-device music storage of up to 2,000 songs, allowing users to sync playlists from several of the most popular music services, no phone required. They all includes built-in activity profiles, VO2 max estimates and training status with adjustments for heat and altitude. All models include enhanced wrist-based heart rate for all-day stress tracking, underwater wristbased heart rate for swimming which will remove the needs of the HR strap on your swimming and Pulse OX blood oxygen saturation to support advanced sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation. Plus, the innovative Body BatteryTM energy monitoring feature lets users see their body’s energy levels at any given moment, which can help with scheduling workouts, rest times and sleep


As previous models it will be easy to stay connected with the FENIX 6 series which allows users to receive alerts on the wrist for incoming calls, texts, emails and more by enabling smart notifications. All models also include Garmin PayTM, a contactless payment solution so users don’t have to worry about carrying cash or cards, which can now be used at major transit systems around the world. Commuters simply tap and pay-per-ride with their watch – no transit card, phone or wallet needed.

Available now on shops, the FENIX 6 series has a suggested retail price that starts at €599.99 for the FENIX 6S to the €949.99 for the basic FENIX 6X Pro Solar edition.


Full tech specs GARMIN FENIX 6S


LENS MATERIAL Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX
BEZEL MATERIAL stainless steel
CASE MATERIAL fiber-reinforced polymer with metal rear cover
PHYSICAL SIZE 42 x 42 x 13.8 mm

Fits wrists with the following circumference:
Silicone band: 108-182 mm
Suede band: 108-175 mm
Fabric band: 108-189 mm
Metal band: 108-180 mm

DISPLAY SIZE 1.2” (30.4 mm) diameter
DISPLAY RESOLUTION 240 x 240 pixels
DISPLAY TYPE sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
WEIGHT Steel: 58 g (case only: 41 g)
BATTERY LIFE Smartwatch: Up to 9 daysGPS: Up to 25 hours
Max Battery GPS Mode: 50 hours
Expedition GPS Activity: 20 days
Battery Saver Watch Mode: 34 days







Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain