The 2020 edition of the Volvic Volcanic Experience will take place from May 21st to 23rd 2020. Following the success encountered in 2019 during its previous edition, the event’s organization has announced the same formats for its trail races, hikes and entertainment with, as usual, a myriad of activities and concerts each evening. The registration was opened on August 27th during the UTMB week.

This is not just a trail running race but also an experience for the whole family as the organization intends to have a festival for everybody trying to show the place to runners and families, as our #patroncarrerasdemontana Sergio Mayayo, Paula Bueno and Pedro Jose Hernandez, winner of the marathon race were there describing us the adventure for all of you in carrerasdemontana.com, trailrunningspain.com and all of our channels. Let’s begin with a video of the XGTV 220KM at VVX.





VVX 2020: Registrations open and keeping the same Experiences than 2019

With Kilian Jornet as ambassador and following the success encountered in 2019 during its previous edition, the event’s organization has announced the same formats for its trail races, hikes and entertainment with, as usual, a myriad of activities and concerts each evening. The Volvic Volcanic Experience – also known as the VVX – offers an athletic immersion into what is one of France’s most iconic landscapes: the Chaîne des Puys – Faille de Limagne, recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! And it’s precisely at the heart of this unique natural site, shaped over the years by volcanoes, stone and water, that the VVX embarks all athletes, trail runners and hikers on an odyssey of the senses through its pristine natural landscapes.

The VVX is compound of 5 races, 110km, 43km, 25km and 15km, located in the heart of a region shaped by volcanic eruptions. A compound of races that will allow runners to come with their families as there will be races for all and many, many adventures to discover these fabulous place.



Let’s see the different races here:

The Great Volcanic Crossing Experience XGTV (220 km – 8110m+): Solo competitors and 2 person teams, limited to 20 teams of 2 and 20 solo competitors.


The Chaîne des Puys-Faille de Limagne Trail Experience (110km – 3500m+): A trail for the toughest runners through the very heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, it can also be completed in relay teams of two or three. Designed to take in the entire Chaîne des Puys zone, which recently became a UNESCO world heritage site, this race allows you to explore this exceptional region in a completely new way, thanks to the balance of scenery and ascents up some of the area’s characteristic hills. Part of the trail includes an ascent to the summit of the legendary Puy de Dôme (1,465m) to view the spectacular sunrise. For this third instalment of VVX, the trail will have a few nice surprises and will be extended to 110km to give you the chance to explore the northern part of the Chaîne des Puys. The final 30km of the Volvic Catchment Area Experience trail will bring this spectacular volcanic experience to a close. Teams of 1, 2 or 3 people. Limited to 600 participants



The Volvic Impluvium Trail Experience (43km – 1700m+): A trail for the initiated runners amongst you, offering a route through the northern part of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park and all around the Volvic catchment area, a protected natural zone which is the source of the mineral water that takes its name. This course offers superb views of the Chaîne des Puys that stretches more than  30km towards the south, between the Faille de Limagne, enclosed valleys and the Plateau des Dômes. Limited to 600 participants



Volcanic Experience Trail (25km – 1000m+): The Volcanic Experience trail will be back in 2018 for this third instalment with a new feature—part of the trail will pass through two active volcanic rock quarries! The trail will take you through part of the Chaîne des Puys/Faille de Limagne Experience trail to show you some of the main volcanoes in the northern part of the Chaîne des Puys, such as Puy de la Nugère, Puy de Jumes and Puy de la Coquille. Trail bonus: breathtaking views from Puy des Gouttes and others. Limited to 600 participants



The Lava Trail Experience (15km – 450m+): A short, accessible trail with limited climbing and natural surroundings between Volvic and its neighbouring villages. This race offers a number of exceptional panoramic views of the Chaîne des Puys, which recently became a UNESCO world heritage site. It crosses a prime area for Volvic stone extraction and includes unique pathways lining several of the territory’s characteristic quarries. Limited to 600 participants



VVX KIDS’ TRAIL RUN, new kids races: Kids also need their race! Takes place on the same site as the adults’ race. Waves of 20 kids will be sent off at a time; the next wave will leave as the last gets back to the starting line. Each child will be able to do as many circuits as they like during the 30 minutes allotted. This event is for children born between 2005 and 2013, divided into three categories:

The red course: 500 m / 10 m elevation gain. Open to children born in 2014, 2013, and 2012.

The blue course: 700 m / 15 m elevation gain. Open to children born in 2011, 2010, and 2009.

The yellow course: 1100 m / 20 m elevation gain. Open to children born in 2008, 2007, and 2007.

Limited to 250 participants.






CULTURAL EXPERIENCE: Whether you are a seasoned professional or a total novice, the VVX offers you a full programme of cultural discoveries in an exceptionally beautiful, rich and well-preserved natural setting. Beyond providing your athletic performance, follow in the footsteps of the men and women you’ll meet who are passionate about their local area and want to share a timeless experience with you, helping you discover a remarkable land shaped by volcanoes, stone and water. You can visit artisan workshops and some truly symbolic attractions, such as the Volvic impluvium, as you uncover the town’s rich heritage.

Everything is designed to give the runner and family an amazing experience in the heart of nature, but also amongst the history and stories of the region, its people and their expertise.

The VVX is an event that embodies strong values, combining authenticity, respect, friendliness… and SHARING!

The stone

  • Explore the workshop of a famous Volvic-based sculptor who gave life to the Volvic stone and contributed to its global fame.
  • All around the Volvic stone, you’ll find exhibitions, demonstrations, stone workshops, local craftworks, and more.

The water

  • Discover the Volvic Impluvium, a 38km² nature reserve and the birthplace of Volvic natural mineral water.
  • Visit the Volvic factory to learn about our unique expertise and a history spanning more than 50 years!

The region

  • Discover the heritage of this town of quarrymen and its amazing architecture, fountains and history as you take a stroll through the listed cemetery, a showcase of the wonders made by Volvic expert stonecutters and sculptors over the centuries.
  • Discover the Volvic region and its glorious food scene with a culinary tour that takes you from village to village and stove to stove for a true gastronomic journey of discovery


FESTIVE EXPERIENCE: The VVX offers you a festive experience in an exceptional setting, where you’ll share plenty of extraordinary and memorable experiences. Aperitifs and celebratory meals, lively refreshment, concerts and performances all bringing people together in a friendly atmosphere. Everything is designed to make sure you experience something truly memorable, meeting new people, sharing, laughing and living.

Opening ceremony

A grand launch party full of surprises and excitement!


Wonderful musical performances throughout the weekend, both in the town and at the sports village. Lots of concerts and musical dining opportunities are on offer where people from every walk of life can come together to share the fun and teach one another some merry songs.


There are plenty of surprises in store for young and old alike down in the village, all in the eco-friendly and welcoming spirit of VVX, with the help of a number of local groups, as well as games, rides, artistic workshops, storytelling, organic markets, picnics with flavours from all around the world, and much more.


A selection of diverse and high-quality shows will be on offer for free in various parts of the town, including comedies, showcases, mystery shows, stand-up, acrobatics and poetry, all in the spirit of sharing and friendliness, suitable for young and old alike.











Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain