ULTRA TOUR MONTE ROSA 2019 (170km/D+11300): Registration open for the third edition


Registration of the third edition of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa is now opened. This third edition will be held September 4-7 and will be presented by the endurance athlete Lizzy Hawker. The Ultra Tour Monte Rosa encircles Europe’s largest mountain massif on the Swiss-Italian border on  the Tour de Monte Rosa long distance trail. With three modalities a non-stop 170km race with D+11300, same course with 170km and D+11300 but in 4 stages and finally a 100km race and D+6420m.





ULTRA TOUR MONTE ROSA 2019 (170km/D+11300)


Three races for the weekned, the non-stop ultra tour of Monte Rosa (170km – D+11300m) accompanied by a stage race over four days in the same course and a sister race ‘Three  Passes Ultra’ covers 100 km from Gressoney-la-Trinité to Grächen, with D+6,300m, crossing  Passo Turlo and Passo Monte Moro.



The North Face athlete Sébastien Chaigneau who placed first in the 2018 4-Stage Race said,  “Congratulations to every runner who does it, really, it’s very, very difficult.” Adding about the trail and  landscape he added, “Ultra Tour Monte Rosa is an exceptional race, very wild with fantastic landscapes. We  have all these summits over 4000m altitude that we ​tutoyons​ all along the trail. Definitely put it on your future  race list if you’ve not yet done it.” Francesca Canepa said, “It will be a pleasure for me to be there for the 4-stage race after the UTMB this year.”, the endurance legend added, “I want to come especially because of Lizzy, because she been so inspiring for  me.

Jonas Budd, 2015 100 km world champion starts the 170 km race, He said, “I’d thought of your race for  a few days and I cannot let it go from my head.” and Lizzy Hawker says, “UTMR aims to give an authentic mountain race experience, but with an intimate feel. We start  and finish in a small mountainside village and bibs are limited, so it’s easy for runners to meet each other,  which is sometimes difficult in more commercial races.”. UK ultra runner Sarah Hansel explained UTMR’s reputation, “I ran Tor [des Geants] last year and have been  having a hard time finding another race that might live up to my experience there. A number of people  recommended UTMR to me; it looks rugged, wild and incredibly challenging, and not as crowded as UTMB.” We also have the words of  Wim Bastiens from Belgium, a previous podium finisher, describing it as a “warm” and “human-scale” event.

Why another ultra? “​This​ is the race I wanted to race”, says Lizzy Hawker, an endurance athlete and five-time  winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. “I trained here for the UTMB. I love this route – it’s bold, very beautiful  and definitely brutal,” says Hawker, “The timing shows it’s at least 20 to 30 percent harder than the UTMB.

If you have not win the lottery for UTM, you have now the option of running a 170km or the smallest 100km in UTRM 2019. Registrations for the 2019 stage races and ultramarathons are open and places are limited to 300 for the 170 km ultra.




UTMR 2017: PHOTO GALLERY (Lloyd Belcher)







Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain