December 19

MAXI-RACE MADEIRA: 1st edition of the Madeira MaXi-Race has born



MaXi-Race Madeira is born with a first successful test edition! This race has kept its promises and fits in the spirit of MaXi-Race around the world: explore new territories in always beautiful landscapes and discover other cultures through an event accessible to all levels and for all budgets. With three hard races 25k, 68k and 103k. Our mate Mayayo was there running the 25k and enjoying the beautiful landscapes that Madeira offered us.

The 3 courses:
103 km & 6,000 m D + / 5 pts Itra
68 km & 4,000 m D + / 4 pts Itra
25 km & 1 300 m D + / 2 pts Itra




MAXI-RACE MADEIRA: First edition in place

Winners for the three races

103 km – Jamie Aarons & Antoine Guillon

68 km – Emma Pooley & Cyril Cointre

25 km – Olívia Sousa & Tiago Aires


In a family atmosphere and friendly under a beautiful sun, 150 pioneers from 12 different nationalities were able to explore the north coast of the island. The places, still little known by traileurs, are full of volcanic and wild landscapes and cross paths, real tunnels, and Levadas (old irrigation channels).

The three courses offer very complete itineraries alternating between very technical trails and pleasantly rolling portions by the sea or in la Laurissilva, laurel forest classified as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

The steep climb of the legendary Pico Jorge and Torrinhas was the culmination of the 68 km and 103 km with breathtaking views offering a bath of colors between the blue of the sea, the azure of the sky, the white some clouds and green mountains.



For Cyril Cointre, winner of the 68km and founder of MaXi-Race World: “This is an extraordinarily varied playground between mountains and ocean that is reminiscent of the steep paths of Reunion with a pleasant temperature, about 17ºC in this season, as the snow arrives in the Alps.
The organization, led by masterful hands by Patricio Fernandes, has put all his heart to offer a small jewel of adventure imbued with simplicity and sharing … I can’t wait to come back with my family to explore this multicolored island while tasting dishes prepared by Patricio’s mother “.

I am very happy to end the season with a quality ultra that brings together what I like in this discipline: a family atmosphere and relaxed, a beautiful course and perfectly marked discovering trails and little known peaks of the island. I bring back beautiful images of volcanic landscapes, daring trash, ocean agitated, but also memories of local dishes that have nothing to envy the physical commitment required to complete the course. In short, a very good choice for the month of December 🙂 ”, said Antoinne Guillon, the winner of 103k male race


Also Jamie Aarons, winner 103 km Female race said: “It was a great opportunity to visit a new destination, to explore an incredible forest, sea views, villages, mountains; and meet the charming inhabitants of Madeira! I discovered steep paths that I have never run before, like levadas and tunnels! My balance was put to the test but I really liked that! I loved the steep climbs, including those with chains to help us get up without falling to the sea! lI was lucky to be at the top of the last big climb before dark, which allowed me to enjoy a spectacular view of a cloud cover north of Madeira. The sun was setting, covering the mountain “islands” with pink and orange above the clouds. I felt like I was running on it. It was fabulous and peaceful. I hope to have the opportunity to discover other MaXi-Race and continue to travel to new Trail destinations.



Sergio Mayayo was there running the 25k which he finished in 3h51 after running Ecotrail Madrid, K42 Villa la Angostura and Desert Marathon Eilat in the last month.









Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain