Official comunication. 

IAU and ITRA are very pleased to announce that the 2019 Edition of the Trail World Championships will be held at Mirandha do Corvo in Portugal on June 8th 2019. It will be hosted by the Trilhos dos Abutres as the LOC with the Portuguese Athletic Federation. The National teams will be housed in Coimbra not far from the event site.

Seven applications to host the 2019 trail championships had been received with four organisations being short listed. We were very pleased with the calibre of the events we considered and delighted with the success for Mirandha do Corvo.

More information on the venue can be found here

Jacek Bedkowski
Chair of the IAU Communication committee



The reason why, according to Trilhos dos Abutres

The candidate passed the first phase with seven candidates and went on to a short list of four candidates. Then back in February and March, the International Running Trail Association and the International Ultramarathon Association officials visited the locations in order to evaluate the candidate entities in person.

Some of the arguments presented by the Associação Abutrica in their application,  were for Trilhos dos Abutres as a widely recognized event at national and international level, together with the growing demand for it by foreign athletes. According to the organization of the Trail World Championship in Miranda do Corvo,achieveing the nomination will represent an economic impact of 1.5 million euros, for an investment of around 300 thousand euros, in line with previous TWC held ar France-2016; Portugal-2017; Spain-2018 and now back to Portugal for 2019.


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Who is who in Trail Running World Championships: 

In collaboration with IAU for the Trail World Championships, ITRA acts as technical partnership for 3 years. Today it is impossible to separate its expert health and security assessment from a such event.

ITRA has opened an international discussion with the trail running community to discover how the community feels that the next Trail Worl Championships (2020, 2021 and beyond) should be organised. ITRA is listening to different trail runners’ opinions on many subjects: the race’s number, the distance,  the event frequency, the event form (many races in a single event), the type of route or the qualification process (selection by federation, wild card, open to all etc).

An international committee of athletes was created and tasked with considering these opinions and recommending the best format for the future Trail World Championships.

The sharing of responsibilities between IAU and ITRA has been clarified and effective since 2016 Trail World Championships in Portugal. IAU is in charge of all administrative, financial, accomodation and transport issues. ITRA is in charge of technical organization, communication and the QUARTZ Program, which offers a unique and innovative health monitoring platform, aimed at protecting runners’ health and contributing to doping-free sport.





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain