Alpinultras 2017 reaches this  its‘indómita’ race at Catalan Pyrenees: Ultra Trail Valls d’Àneu (96k/D+7.200m). The race covers 96km with 7,200 meters of positive gradient, starting Saturday 29JUL at 00.00 at Es-terri d’Àneu, heart of the Catalan Pyrenees. It runs through valleys, peaks and mountain villages such as Espot, Coma Negra, Puerto La Bonaigua or Isil

Coming after Desafío El Cainejo in May, this is the second stage for the most tehcnically demanding ultra series, which will then go on to Ultra Canfranc-Canfranc 100km in September and Ultra Trail Scotland by FYA 70km in October. Among the favorites at #Aneualpinultras are names like Hillary Allen, Toti Bes, Aitziber Osinalde, Jaume Folguera, Genís Zapater, Tina Bes or Valerie Laffite, among others.








Popularly known as ‘the indomitable’ for its unspoiled landscape and technical difficulty, Ultra Valls d’Àneu (UTVA) is a race with extreme personality, suitable only for experienced mountain runners. The main event over 96 km and 7,200 meters of positive gradient, will start at 00:00 this Saturday July 29th, and fits perfectly into the Alpinultras series philosophy of unique mountain traverses run by local teams.

The 2017 series kicked off in May at Picos de Europa mountain range with Desafío El Cainejo 52k/D+5.200m, which is according to ITRA the most difficult ultra in Spain rated with 18 mountain points. The alpine runners now move on to the second stage at the wild and beatiful Catalan Pyrenees for July, and will then go on to the central Pyrenees in Aragon with the Ultra Canfranc 100km over three ski stations itsself, and on to finish its season at the Isle of Arran with the inaugural edition of the Ultra Trail Scotland by FYA.

Check out the official presentation video summing up all races. 


The event will host over 600 runners, of whom only 150 have been accepted for the 96k race of #Aneualpinultras. They will have 30 hours to complete the course, which passes through the beautiful ‘Parc National d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici’ and ‘Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu’. The event, was won in 2017 by veteran ultrarunners Sebas Sanchez and Nerea Martinez, and in its previous three editions has always attracted some of the top talents in alpine running all over Euorpe, including win-ners of races such as Tor des Geants, Andorra Ultra Trail, Gran Trail Aneto, Ultra Canfranc and many more.


Out of the 150 registration for this extreme ultra Trail, 19 are women. That means 13% of the total en-rollment and represents a high percentage compared to the usual 10% for comparable alpine ultras such as the 120km TDS at Chamonix. Plus, women are not only joining the most demanding mountain races, but it also It begins to be habitual to see them in the first 10 positions of race or even winning the same ones in occasions


As for the favorites at #AneuAlpinultras 2017 we find the American Hillary Allen at top of the list, after the silver at UltraPirineu16 or the bronze in Trasvulcania 2017. The women´s field also include runners who already shone at Cainejo, from winner Aiztiber Osinalde to Sara Codina (champion ALPINUL-TRAS 2016). Also present will be be the french Valerie Laffite (winner Grand Trail Aneto 2015) and Ce-line Ringeval (winner of EMMONA 2016), as well as locals Catalina Tina Bes, Marta Batalla and Gema Avelli

Among the men´s race some of the main names are those of Toti Bes, Jaume Folguera, Genís Zapater, Isaac Riera, or Carlos Bartrina, among others.
In addition to UTVA, the festive weekend in Esterri d’Àneu also includes 53km Cursa de Resistencia Valls d´ Aneu (CRVA-Saturday, 6AM) and the 21k Marxa Popular Valls d’Àneu (MRVA-Sunday, 9AM)


Technical data Ultra Valls d’Àneu 2018:
• Total Distance: 96 kms
• Positive slope: 7.200 mts
• Departure time: Saturday, July 29 at 00:00 hours
• Maximum time to complete: 30 hours
• Winner’s estimated time of arrival: Saturday at noon, after 12 hours of non-stop mountain running.
•Start and Finish: Esterri d’Àneu, province of Lleida in Spain, at Catalan Pyrenees.
• Other races: CRVA (53 km), MPVA (21 km) and Ultra Xics Valls d’Àneu



MORE ON THE ALPINULTRAS PROJECT: Seal, series and permanent centers
The Alpinutras project is aimed at identifying and promoting the most interesting long distance traver-ses up in the high mountains which meet certain requirements and share values such as being orga-nized by local entities, environmentally friendly, with a marked alpine carácter, and reaching a rele-vant altitude around 3.000 meters or more.



The Alpinultras seal of endorsement already covers seven traverses that range wide and far. They allow you to discover trails from the Catalonian Pyrenees like Rialp Matxicots 82km, to Spain´s highest peak at 3.700m following the 140k route of the Faro to Faro at Tenerife or the famous Puigmal Peak at 2.912m after the challenging ridges covered over 130km by Emmona Ultra Trail.

The Alpinultras series 2017 brings together a limited number among those traverses endorsed with the seal. Just four of them have been selected this year to come together and offer a true alpine challenge for the most passionate mountain runners to discover and enjoy new peaks and valleys: Desafío El Cainejo (MAY28 / 52km); Ultra Trail Valls d’Àneu (JUL29 / 93km) and Ul-tra Canfranc (SEP7/100km).

The Alpinultras permanent centers: Their target is to extend knowledge of one massif among mountaineers all through the year supporting them with a marked newtork of chosen trails, mountain info update at the base town an even local guides to share a run with, ranging from the race director himself to a national trail running champion living in town.





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain