Salomon Gore-Tex MaXi-Race 2017 comprises ten different races  from 12km to 111km over three days, from 26 to 28 May. “Developed by runners, for runners”, all the race formats on offer are open to amateur and elite athletes alike and give each participant the freedom to choose the appropriate distance. This 7th edition is already a major event in the trail running calendar.


There will be an impressive international line-up for the event around lake Annecy, in the all new 110km route, the 83km and the 42k. Once again, as we did for the 2015 Trail World Champs and 2016 we shall be covering the event live, here in english as well as at our sister website CARRERASDEMONTANA.COM in spanish. Follow us also by twitter at @trailrunningesp or @carrerasmontana





With so many big names in the line-up, this year is set to be an exceptional event.

  • Ultra trail 111km favorites:  We will see the likes of François D’Haene, multiple winner of the l’UTMB®, the Grand Raid de la Réunion, record-holder for the GR20, 1st winner of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour (UTWT) in 2015, (921 ITRA index) and Caroline Chaverot (804 ITRA index), winner of the 2016 UTMB®, Trail World Champion (TWC) and UTWT 2016.
    Alongside them will be a selection of the best runners in the world, namely in the men’s, Dakota Jones, winner of the NF San Francisco and Transvulcania (906 ITRA index), Courtney Dauwalter, winner of the 2016 Javelina Hundred and Run Rabbit (750 ITRA index) and Max King.
    Jules Henri Gabioud of Switzerland and Julien Navarro of France (846 ITRA index), winner of the Grand Raid des Pyrénées will also be contenders for the podium.
    The competition amongst the ladies will be just as fierce, with Andrea Huser (Switzerland) 2nd in the UTMB® and the UTWT in 2016 and the 2017 Transgrancanaria (777 ITRA index) in stiff competition with Caroline Chaverot. Francesca Canepa of Italy, winner of the Tor des Géants (757 ITRA index) will be a strong outsider!


  • MaXi-Race favorites (83 km, 5 200 m+): the Frenchmen, Michel Lanne, (882 ITRA points), and Sébastien Spehler, winner of the 2014 MaXi-Race and French Champion (879 ITRA points), and the Italians, Luca Carrara (848 ITRA points), winner of the Morenic trail, and Giulo Ornati (845 ITRA points), 5th in the CCC®. In the ladies’ race, we’ll see the two Italians, Sonia Locatelli (707 ITRA points) winner of the Ultra Trail lago d’Orta and Lisa Borsani (699 ITRA points) 3rd in the MaXi-Race and 2nd in the Tor des Géants fighting for the top position.


  • Marathon-Race favorites (42 km, 2 800 m+), the French will be the ones to watch, with Clément Rippol, Clément Molliet, brothers Sébastien and Sylvain Camus, Mickael Pasero, Régis Durand following the Australian Benjamin Duffus and the German Moritz auf der Heide. In the ladies, Agnès Duhail (FR) and Audrey Bassac (FR) will face Monica Wozna of Poland and Wenrong Zheng of China, a young marathon runner with a time of 2h32!




(60 slots available)

New activity with free workshops hosted by Team Salomon Friday 26 May from 2pm to 4pm, open to all levels.
Meet at the SALOMON tent in the MaXi-Village / Plage d’Albigny.
– Learn techniques for climbing, descending and how to use poles
– Park Test of Salomon shoes available

It is not a running session but a workshop based on technique so you won’t get tired before the weekend race!
Sign up here
60 places available in 3 groups of 20

Ida Nilson 2016: 1st Transvulcania / 1 st MB Marathon / 1 st TNF50/1 st The RUT 50
Kristin Berglund: 4th Transgrancanaria 2017 / 1st Trail des Aiguilles Rouges 2016
Martina Valmassoi :1st MaXi-Race China 2015 & 2016 / 3rd Tromso Skyrace 2016
Philipp Reiter: 7th Glen Coe Skyrace 2016 / Winner Maxi-Race 2012
Grégory Vollet Salomon Team Manager: 1st MaXi-Race China 2016 / 5th MB Marathon 2016



MAXI RACE ANNECY 2017: Race Programme


Friday 26 May 2017
12.30pm: Opening of the MaXi-Village and bib distribution (see timings on race info pages) – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
12.30pm: Start of bib distribution for the V-Race at MaXi-village
5.50: Briefing for the Vertical-Race at Petit Port – Annecy-le-Vieux (1,2km east of bib distribution point)
6pm: Start of the Vertical-Race every 10 seconds from Petit Port – Annecy-le-Vieux

Saturday 27 May 2017
1.30am: Start of Ultra Race – 110 km – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
5.00am: Start of MaXi-Race with 2000 runners -Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
5.20am: Start of day 1 of XL-Race and the R-Races (Relay) – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
8.30am: Start of Femina-Race – Menthon-st-Bernard
9.30am: Opening of MaXi-Village – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
From 10am: Arrival of runners (staggered arrivals until Sunday morning) – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
2pm: Arrival 1st men from the 83km then 1st ladies (around 3pm – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
2.30pm: Arrival of 1st men from the 110km then the 1st ladies (around4pm) – Plage d’Albigny beach Annecy le Vieux
4.30pm-5pm: Start of children’s Mini-Race (see details on the Mini-Race page)- Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux

Sunday 28 May 2017
6.30am: Start of day 2 of XL-Race – Doussard
7.30am: Start of Marathon-Race – Doussard
8.30am – Start of Short-Race 15km – Menthon St Bernard
10am: Opening of MaXi-Village – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
6.30pm: Arrival of last finisher, all races closed – Plage d’Albigny Annecy le Vieux
7pm: Closing of MaXi-Village




Photogallery by Mayayo and MemphisMadrid





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain