Kilian Jornet to take on Everest and UTMB again in 2017. Six trail races and personal projects fill his calendar.


Kilian Jornet returns this summer to the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc and Everest. The spaniard has just made public his calendar for the coming months, whereas he will be combining mountain races, personal projects and the remaining challenge for his Summits of My Life project. As for trail running, he will racing at UTMB, Mont Blanc Marathon, Hardrock, Sierre Zinal, Glen Coe and Ultra Pirineu.

On a personal level, the great goal of the year will be the Everest again, in order to set a new record of ascent and descent. The calendar also includes some personal pet projects as the Bob Graham Round in the UK or fast alpine ascents in Himalaya with his partner Emelie Forsberg. Now, let us go on with the detail of the calendar.


KIlian Jornet on its Summits of My Life project. Photo: SMOL





Kilian Jornet has planned a lot of activity for this next season. He wil now be facing  a few months combining several diffetent mountain activitities in several demanding environments. The summer will bring on a bit of them all: From expeditions to the Himalayas to trail running on the Alps, Rockies and the Pyrenees, and event some personal pet projects.

Declarations Kilian Jornet: “I like polyvalence, and this season paints very well because we will have a little bit of everything. From the great Everest project to trail races, through personal alpinrunning projects. I’m still motivated like the first day, so I really want to see what will happen this season

EVEREST: In spring with the 2016 experience. This year’s big objective will be the same as in 2016, the attempt to climb the highest peak on the planet. Everest will be the final stage to close the Summits of My Life project, which since 2012 has led Kilian to set mountain climbing and descent records around the world.


Kilian Jornet during kis Kilimanjaro world speed record in 2010. Photo: SMOL


In 2016, the weather prevented Jornet and his team from summiting, so they will try again, this time during a different season. Thus, instead of traveling to the Himalayas in late summer, the team will do so in the spring, according to Jornet: “We wanted to travel in August because last year we liked the experience and the conditions, but it will not be possible because of permits. Last year we learned a lot of things that we hope we can put into practice this year, sure to be a great experience. “


Here you can review the audio live from Nepal back in 016 when Kilian explained the reasons behind the first attempt and vowed to come back in the future, as he is now about to undertake.


MOUNTAIN RUNING: KIlian will take on six great classics, from Chamonix to Colorado. After Everest, whatever the outcome, Jornet will face a summer full of races. As he explained: “I have never lost the motivation to compete, but it is true that in recent years  other projects had left me little time. Races are a motivation to train and give the best of us in a day, so I plan to participate in some during this summer. “

  • Marathon Mont Blanc: His first objective is the Marathon du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, and he explained: “It’s a race that I’m not totally sure if I can go, because it will depend on how we get back from Everest, but to which I hope to arrive, because I like the race and the environment “.
  • Hardrock: After the appointment in the Alps, Jornet does not want to miss the race that has crowned him in the three previous editions; The Hardrock. The mythical American race is for Jornet: “The best ultra in which I participated, as much for the route as for the environment. It’s a race I always like to repeat. “
  • Tromsö Skyrace: In August the Tromsö Skyrace returns, race of which is co-organizer and where Jornet will not take the number post but will be part of the organizing committee.
  • Sierre Zinal: Kilian’s new visit to this very fast Swiss race of great tradition, where African athletes with the best mountain runners and the great ones from orienteering, all racing each other on a track open to all. Winning Sierre Zinal is always something important.
  • Ultra Trail Mont Blanc: At the end of the summer is when you anticipate the season’s highlights. On the one hand, Kilian Jornet is among the participants of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. In the race for excellence, Jornet hopes to be able to fight a beautiful battle with the best runners in the world, as he explained: “I have not run the UTMB for many years and this year I feel like coming back because there seems to be a lot of level. There are few times that you find a race with such density of elite runners, so it can be a nice show in an ultra fast as is UTMB “.
  • Glen Coe: After the great Chamonix rendezvous Jornet will travel to Scotland to participate in the Glen Coe, an extreme race that he explains here: “My partner Emelie ran it two years ago and told me I had to go, for the wild and technical part. We will see what happens and what the mountains of Scotland are for us. “
  • Ultra Pirineu: On the other hand, Jornet does not want to miss the Salomon Ultra Pirineu: “It’s home race, where I started to run and where I always get excited to return, the environment there is very special.”

KIlian Jornet wins UltraPirineu 2015. Photo: Mayayo..



PERSONAL PROJECTS: As the third axis of the season, in addition to his great adventure in Everest and the mountain races, KIlian will complete the calendar with some personal projects, derived from this hobby to look for different angles and combine activities of all kinds. We will see this way from an ultra trail route in the purest British tradition to light mountaineering in the Himalayas.


  • Bob Graham Round (119km / D + 8.700m / Max-24h) Within the personal parallel projects that he will face these months, Jornet would like to be able to join the Bob Graham Round Club. Entering this club is not easy, as you first have to complete a turn through 42 hills in the Lake District region of the UK, covering a total of 119km and 8,700m of positive gradient. To be accepted into the club you have to make the return in less than 24h, and the current record is sustained by Billy Bland with a time of 13h53 ‘.


  • Mountain climbing in the Himalayas with Emelie Forsberg: In addition to the Bob Graham Round, Jornet has planned a mountaineering project in the Himalayas before Everest. Together with his companion Emelie Forsberg, the duo will consider an alpinistic project in the Himalayas in a minimalist and light style, following the way they usually go to the mountain


KIlian Jornet on its Summits of My Life project (C) SMOL







Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain