Trail running awards are sprouting all over the world, following the growth of the sport. Let us now review one of the most prestigious awards, the Oscar de Trail by the italian magazine Spiritotrail who just reached its sixth edition this year, now including for the first time an international member in the jury.

The Oscar del trail 2016 to best man and woman went quite logically to Luis Alberto Hernando and Caroline Chaverot with Bhim Burung´s outstanding Kima race achieving best performance. Let us now recap the results in the words of Leonardo Soresi, as published at the magazine that has just hit the shelves at Italy and abroad,

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By Leonaldo Soresi. 


The sixth edition of the “Oscar del Trail” prize, promoted by the italian magazine Spirito Trail, has seen the participation of 2.276 voters and a jury composed by: Paolo Germanetto (head coach of Italy’s trail team) Fulvio Massa (journalist for the magazine “Correre) Enrico Pollini (Organizer and Vice-president of ITRA) Maurizio Torri (founder of www.sportdimontagna.com) and, for the first time, a prestigious guest: Sergio Mayayo (www.carrerasdemontana.com).




Balance between jury and popular vote: The results are decided balancing the popular vote and the vote of the jury, which have an equal weight (50% popular vote, 50% jury vote).

Five categories: For this sixth edition in 2016 there were 5 categories Best Man, Best Woman, Best Italian Man, Best Italian Woman and Performance of the Year.


oscar-de-trail-premios-trail-running-1The year´s sensation: Caroline Chaverot. Quite obviously, there was no competition at the “Best Woman” category for 2016, since Caroline Chaverot has won every race she has entered, including the world championships both by ITRA and Skyruning, together with the UTMB 100 Miles. A historic achievement.

As for the other four categories the competition has been fierce: Kilian Jornet has decided to dedicate himself to Everest record attempt, and many new names has appeared on the world trail running scene: Bhim Gurung, Ida Nilsson, Zach Miller, Jim Walmsley, Yngvild Kaspersen. The trail running world in constantly changing with new athletes, new races, new records: the competition is always increasing and has become “global”. The real challenges now are fought outside the national boundaries, from Hong Kong to San Francisco, from Tromso to Réunion, from Chamonix to Squaw Valley.




  Best Man Best Woman Best Italian Man Best Italian Woman Performance of the Year
2011 Kilian Jornet Lizzy Hawker Giuliano Cavallo Anne Marie Gross Lizzy Hawker – UTMB
2012 Kilian Jornet Nuria Picas Giuliano Cavallo Francesca Canepa Ellie Greenwood – Western States
2013 Kilian Jornet Emelie Forsberg Franco Collé Francesca Canepa Rory Bosio – UTMB
2014 François D’Haene Rory Bosio Ivan Geronazzo Federica Boifava Urban Zemmer-VK La Fully
2015 Tadei Pivk Nathalie Mauclair Tadei Pivk Federica Boifava Xavier Thevenard – UTMB
2016 Luis Alberto Hernando Caroline Chaverot Giulio Ornati Lisa Borzani Bhim Gurung – Kima






Luis Alberto Hernando conquers the Oscar del Trail 2016, thanks to world titles, Ultra Skyrunning in july and IAU Trail Championship in Portugal in October. Francois D’Haene is second, with only two races (Hong Kong and Réunion), but always running at the best of his capabilities, and always running with a smile in his eyes.

Third is Kilian Jornet: even if he has raced very little this yeat, he remains the most loved by the italian trail runners, conquering the majority of the popular vote.


The candidates Francois D’Haene; Javier Dominguez; Gediminas Grinius; BhimGurung; Miguel Heras; Luis Alberto Hernando; Kilian Jornet; Andrew Miller; Ludovic Pommeret; Jason Schlarb; Andy Symonds; Xavier Thevenard; Jim Walmsley

 Final Results: 1- Luis Alberto Hernando  26,34%; 2- Francois D’Haene 20,07%; 3- Kilian Jornet 14,07%

 Popular vote: 1-Kilian Jornet 568; Francois D’Haene 408; 3-Luis Alberto Hernando 404; 4-Gediminas Grinius 364;  5-Xavier Thevenard 116; 6-Jim Walmsley 80; 7-Bhim Gurung 76; 8-Ludovic Pommeret 72; 9-Javier Dominguez 56; 10-Miguel Heras 52; 11-Andy Symonds 44; 12-Andrew Miller 28; 13-Jason Schlarb 8

 The jury vote: 

Sergio Garasa Mayayo: 1-Luis Alberto Hernando; 2. Gediminas Grinius: 3. Bhim Gurung

  • Luis Alberto Hernando: Superb consistency in all his annual races, always striving to run against the best. Plus, two world titles in one year: That of Ultra Skyrunning in July and the IAU Trail this October. Pending challenges for 2017 should include running outside Europe, to prove himself in different styles of trail races
  • Gediminas Grinius: World champion of UTWT after being consistently at the top all through the year at any kind of races, from Transgrancanaria in FEB to Lavaredo in June, UTMB In August or Diagonale des Fous in OCT. Staying that fit all year round is anachievement that gets more and more difficult every year and deserves homage as does running all around the world.
  • Bhim Gurung: Winning the Everest Marathon 2015 and the Yading Skyrun 2016, beating rivals such as Tadei Pvik himself, might have been attributed to his playing the home turf in oriental races. However, his great performance at Kima shattering Kilian´s record, made it clear that this Nepalese is a figure to watch for in the future, despite being quite inconsistent yet in hi performances, as proven at the IAU Trail world champs.

Enrico Pollini: 1-Luis Alberto Hernando 2. Francois D’Haene 3. Andy Symonds

  • First Luis Alberto Hernando, because he has been doing top level seasons year after year: and doing it with a toddler in his hands in Transvulcania, and against an entire French team in Portugal is something special.
  • Second Francois D’Haene: few races but a performance of 902 Itra Points in Hong Kong and a strong victory in Réunion.
  • Third Andy Symonds, because he has brought his swift and neat falcade in the “ultra world”.


Paolo Germanetto: 1-Luis Alberto Hernando; 2- Ludovic Pommeret; 3-JimWalmsley

  • First Luis Alberto Hernando because he has centered his season around the trail World champs and he won his bet.
  • Second Pommeret for his success at UTMB.
  • Third Walmsley because in his running style we can see his background of “Track and Field” at the highest level.


Maurizio Torri: 1-Francois D’Haene; 2-BhimGurung; 3-Luis Alberto Hernando

  • I choose Francois D’Haene for first position for his performance in Grand Raid de la Réunion.
  • Bhim Gurung second: his win against Tadei Pivk was notable, but beating Marco De Gasperi at Kima is something that will enter Skyruning’Annals.
  • Third place for the world Champ Luis Alberto Hernando.


Fulvio Massa: 1-Xavier Thevenard2. Francois D’Haene 3. KilianJornet

Xavier Thevenard: he had the courage to measure himself in all the “UTMB races”, inning allo f them, despite their differences.


Redazione Spirito trail: 1-Luis Alberto Hernando; 2-Jim Walmsley; 3-Francois D’Haene

  • Luis Alberto Hernando has conquered our journalists: in Geres he has proven himself the best, demolishing the France Squad, one piece after another..
  • Jim Walmsley is the supernova that has enlighted the trail running World in 2016. One victory after another, one record after another. And the route mistake at Western is part of his legend.
  • Third place for Francois D’Haene: just two race to prove himself a real animal for “100 miles”.





The vote was unanimous: the “perfect year” of Caroline Chaverot has convinced both the judges and the popular vote. Second place, like in 2015, for Emelie Forsberg: the technical jury didn’t consider her too much, but the popular vote has honored her tenacity in coming back from a serious injury. Third place for Megan Kimmel, just a couple of votes ahead of Andrea Huser.



 The Candidates: Caroline Chaverot, Emelie Forsberg, Uxue Fraile, Andrea Huser, Yngvild Kaspersen, Megan Kimmel, Kaci Lickteig, Nathalie Mauclair, Ida Nilsson, Jasmin Nunige

Final results: 1-Caroline Chaverot 46,92%; 2-EmelieForsberg 16,49%; 3-Megan Kimmel 11,54%

Popular vote: 1-Caroline Chaverot 1052; 2-Emelie Forsberg 552; 3-Andrea Huser 184; 4-Megan Kimmel 128; 5-Nathalie Mauclair 108; 6-UxueFraile 68; 7-YngvildKaspersen 60; 8-Jasmin Nunige 56; 9-Ida Nilsson 44; 10-Kaci Lickteig 24


The jury vote: 

Sergio Garasa Mayayo: 1-Caroline Chaverot; 2-Megan Kimmel; 3-Andrea Huser

  • Caroline Chaverot: Achieved the perfect season for an ultrarunner, a unique achievement. Double world champion at Skyrunning & IAUTrail. Winner at UTMB… Dominating one ultra year as no woman had yet done.
  • Megan Kimmel: Another great comeback to the elite: Very consistent in races from 20-50k all through the year. Podium at highest level races, from Zegama in Spain to Yading in China, TNF50 at California and many more
  • Andrea Huser: When the going gets tougher, Andrea gets ahead. Winning at event ranging from the 204k at Swiss Irontrail to Albertville´s47k. And superb fight at UTMB vs the almighty Caroline, where she got as close to her as any ultrarunner has achieved this year.


Enrico Pollini: 1-Caroline Chaverot 2-Andrea Huser 3-UxueFraile

  • First place for Caroline Chaverot: in the era “post Forsberg and Picas” she has been great in winning UTMB & World Championships, a clear sign that now she is simply the best.
  • Second place for Andrea Huser: the smiling swiss has had just one person in front of her during all the season.
  • Third place for UxueFraile: when she is “endurance mode on” she is always there, even if the years are passing.


Paolo Germanetto: 1-Caroline Chaverot; 2-Megan Kimmel; 3-Uxue Fraile

  • No doubt for Chaverot, that in 2016 has won everything that she could win.
  • Second place for Kimmel for some of her races at the highest level.
  • Third place for Uxue Fraile because in Geres she has tried with much courage to openly challenge Chaverot.


Maurizio Torri: 1-Caroline Chaverot; 2. Emelie Forsberg; 3. Megan Kimmel

  • This has clearly been the year of Caroline Chaverot: World Championships, UTMB, Transgrancanaria, … What Else?
  • Second place for the swedish Emelie Forsberg, real example of class and determination. She had an unfinished business with the Kima and she came back from an injury in record time for closing the business.
  • Third place for the strong Megan Kimmel.


Fulvio Massa: 1-Caroline Chaverot; 2-Jasmin Nunige; 3-Emelie Forsberg

Caroline Chaverot is the only choice. In 2016 she has been, simply, undeafeatable.


Redazione Spirito Trail: 1-Caroline Chaverot; 2-Andrea Huser; 3-Megan Kimmel

  • Unanimous vote for our editorial staff: Caroline Chaverot has succeded in the endeavor to unite all of us. A season like that, a dominance so great, will be really difficult to repeat.
  • Second place for Andrea Huser with a series of victories that many dreams in an entire career: Réunion, Lavaredo, Eiger, Maxi Race. She raced a lot, maybe too much, but she has always reached a spot on the podium
  •  Third place for Megan Kimmel for bringing back to America the victory in the Skyrunning World Series.




¡Viva Nepal! Bhim Gurung wins the prize for the performance of the year, with that victory at Kima and the new record (the previous one was Kilian’s!). Amazing, there aren’t other adjectives. Italy can be proud of for Nadir Maguet and his first place in Vertical Kilometer of Fully, beating all the best athletes in this speciality. Third place for the success of Luis Alberto Hernando at the portuguese championshiops in Geres.: more than the victory and the gold medal, what impressed everyone was his capacity to demolish, brick by brick the mighty french team..

Final results: 1-Bhim Gurung, Kima. 21,50%; 2-Nadir Maguet, Fully VK. 18,52%; 3) Luis Alberto Hernando IAU Championships 16,55%


The candidates: Lisa Borzani, Tor, 91h09’44’’; Oliviero Bosatelli, Tor, 75h10’22’’; Caroline Chaverot, UTMB, 25h15’40’’; Francois D’Haene Grand, Raid Réunion, 23h44’; Emelie Forsberg, Kima, 7h49’06”; Bhim Gurung, Kima, 6h10’44’’; Miguel Heras, Templiers, 6h45’12’’; Luis Alberto Hernando IAU Championships 8h 20’26’’; Yngvild Kaspersen, Zegama, 4h50’58’’; Nadir Maguet, Fully VK, 30’17’’; Ludovic Pommeret UTMB 22h00’02’’; Jim Walmsley R2R2R  5h55’20’’


Popular vote: 1-OlivieroBosatelli, Tor, 75h10’22’’  704; Nadir Maguet, Fully VK, 30’17’’   388; Lisa Borzani, Tor, 91h09’44’’   276; Bhim Gurung, Kima, 6h10’44’’  220; 3-Luis Alberto Hernando IAU Championships 8h 20’26’’ 168; 4-Francois D’Haene Grand, Raid Réunion, 23h44’  160; 5-Caroline Chaverot, UTMB, 25h15’40’’  96; 6-Jim WalmsleyR2R2R  5h55’20’’  84; 7-Emelie Forsberg, Kima, 7h49’06”  80; 8-Ludovic Pommeret UTMB 22h00’02’’  68; 9-Miguel Heras, Templiers, 6h45’12’’  16; 10-Yngvild Kaspersen, Zegama, 4h50’58’’  16





We have been waiting for years for an italian in the top-10 at UTMB. Giulio Ornati did it, gaining the Oscar del Trail prize, in front of Marco Zanchi, always performing well at UTWT. Third place for the “Giant of the Tor” Oliviero Bosatelli, that was the “most beloved” by the popular vote.



Lisa Borzani wins the Oscar 2016, an unanimous choice, both for the technical jury and the popular vote. Lisa had the strenght to win the Tor, but also to perform well in other different races, like the second place in Hong Kong 100 and the third place at Maxi Race Annecy. Francesca Canepa is second in front of Cristiana Follador.





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain