Kilian Jornet to take on the Everest speed record, that defeated Bruno Brunod in 2005.


Kilian Jornet has just released its 2016 trail running calendar, which includes just two mountain races: Zegama Aizkorri en Spain and Hardock in Colorado.  Jornet will then travel to the Himalayas in order to start preparing his Everest challenge, the final chapter within his Summits of My Life project.

The Summit of My life project, started back in 2012 and has taken Kilian around the great mountains of the world, setting new speed records at Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, McKinley and Aconcagua. After the 2015 expedition to Everest was reoriented to help the locals due to the Nepal earthquake, this summer Kilian is set to take Everest on.


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Kilian Jornet Summits of my life himalaya. Photo: Kilian Jornet




Kilian Jornet is now undertaking the final stage of his “Summits of My Life” project. A personal challenge that began back in 2012 to set new speed records for the ascent/descent on great mountains of the Earth. Over these five years, the adventure has evolved into a very personal relationship with the world’s mountains.

An evolution that was also reflected in his films: In “A Fine Line” (2012) and “Déjame Vivir” (2014) the sporting challenge approach had significant weight. However, for the third, “Langtang” (2015) the focus shifts to reflections and experiences about living in Nepal.

Moving on to this year, the fifth in his Summit of My Life project, Kilian seems very dedicated to his Everest attempt. Sensible enough, considering it is a tremendous challenge that already defeated in 2005 the italian skyrunning legend Bruno Brunod, the great pioneer for these speed records upon the great mountains of the world.

See below the original plan for this project, as it was published back in 2012 and to which time has proved surprisingly true, given the high uncertainty that any expedition into thin air must deal with. Elbrus is the only peak where the record was not achieved, due to weather conditions, yet its technical challenge is almost none existent and has therefore been dropped as Kilian moved on to adapt at further altitude before taking on Mount Everest for a second time this 2016 after the previous expedition back in 2015.

Kilian Jornet Summits of my life plan de cimas



As his team made official yesterday, Kilian Jornet is now set towards the upcoming months where he will focus on preparing the final challenge of Summits of My Life: The attempt to set a new speed record at Mount Everest

Jornet plans to compete in only two mountain races this year, both personal favorites: Fist at the mountain marathon Zegama-Aizkorri in Spain and then at the Hardrock hundred miles in Colorado, in order to devote the remaining time to train at altitude, climbing and acclimatization towards the himalayan the challenge, to be held in late summer


Kilian Jornet victory and CR at Zegama 2014 with De Gasperi and Hernando

Kilian Jornet victory and CR at Zegama 2014 with De Gasperi and Hernando


“This year I’m going to live a very different summer. After ten years trail running, this year the focus will be on the high mountains. Everest is a long way, and that will mean a major challenge me. That’s why I prepare very well to get in the best possible conditions” Kilian Jornet declared

Kilian Jornet has been present ever since a very young age at the most competitive mountain races throughout the world. Over more than ten years he has achieved victories, fulfilling the dream bucket list that  that he wrote down when he was a child. This year Jornet prepares for a greater challenge: Conquering the summit of Everest, within his personal five-year project Summits of My Life. IN fact, over the last years he has been gradullay devoting time to addapt and train at high altitude, including two previous visits to Himalaya, as reflected by this very images posted by himself.



In order to prepare this challenge, Kilian Jornet has decided to participate in just two trail running events this summer while focusing on specific training for mountaineering, rock climbing and acclimatization to the altitude. Nevertheless, and as he explained: “I do not want to set aside 100% mountain races this year, because it’s one thing that still love me, where I have great friends and enjoy the mountain where”.

Thus, he will start once again at the Zegama Aizkorri alpine marathon in May, and then address the Hardrock 100 miles in the United States. The two races are passionate about him: “They have been chosen because they fit within my schedule for Everest, and also because they are races that I fell in love with. As for Zegama, there is not much new to say about this legendary event in the Basque Country. Regarding Hardrock I´ve ran there the previous two years and it has a natural beauty and an atmosphere that makes amazing too. “

The rest of the summer, Kilian Jornet plans to focus on training: “This year I will live a very different summer. After ten years trail running, this year the focus will be on the high mountains. Everest is a long way, and that will mean a major challenge me. That’s why I prepare very well to get in the best possible conditions. “

The challenge of Everest is part of the project Summits of My Life, Kilian Jornet which began in 2012 and that has been trying to break speed records in mountains around the world. Everest is the ultimate challenge of this list, and that is an added challenge, especially at altitude.

In this long journey, undoubtedly the physical performance and, above all, the alpine technical commitment that meant beating the previous record of Bruno Brunod in the Cervino and do it for 22 minutes by setting a time of 2h52m, a superb mountaineering feat.





The records set at the time by the Italian world champion Skyrunning, Bruno Brunod in peaks like Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Monte Rosa or Cervino certainly have been a clear inspiration for Kilian in designing this project.

In this sense, it is relevant to point out now that Bruno himself, after numerous successes in other summits, finally took on the Everest in 2005. At the time, he  managed to climb almost up to Camp 3, near the 8.200 meters mark, over 16 hours of sustained effort from base camp. Only to be forced to turn around from there.



Kilian´s first attempt in 2015, truncated by the earthquake in Nepal: In 2015 the team Summits of My Life had planned to travel and start on this this climb over the north face of the highest mountain in the world. However, the earthquake that then devastated Nepal meant for the expedition to be reoriented towards helping the local people in their plight.

The result of this trip was the film Langtang. A documentary that chronicles his experiences and is also a tribute to the optimism of the Nepalese people. The next April 25 will be a year of the earthquake, and to commemorate this sad anniversary, are organizing a series of events to raise funds for the charity project of reconstruction of the valley.

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Second attempt at Everest this summer 2016: The final stage of the challenge that began five years ago, comes up this simmer, as Kilian plans to travel to Nepal in late summer for the expedition. Besides him will travel the climbers Jordi Tosas and Jordi Corominas plus the cameras and mountain guides  Sébastian Montaz-Rosset and Vivian Bruchez.  Follow us below, to enjoy brief gallery of some of the images that this alpine journey has brought us ever since its launch in 2012.











Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain