February 21

Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Video interview at London & Presentation on his polar explorations. A different view of the Admunsen vs Scott debate.


Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the living legend among polar explorers, having been the first man to reach both North & South pole on foot, unsupported, in addition to endless outdoor expeditions. Moreover, he is also a reputed author and spokesperson.

At The North Face Mountain Athletics launch, held this February at London, we had the chance to interview him and also enjoy his personal recollection of those pioneering arctic and antarctic expeditions. Please join us in following his trail along, spiced with a remarkable sense of humour at all times. First let us share his “reason why” to strive in those incredible endurance feats, as well as his personal views on the classic Admunsen vs Scott polar debate.





Video of the Presentation at The North Face Mountain Athletics event, London.

Writing a short summary of Sir Fiennes life is quite a challenge: He was born a baronet in 1944 at Berkshire,  due to the death of his father during WWII . As he personally recalled it at London, his family moved back from England to his grandmother’s home in South Africa when he was barely three years old, only to return to England seven years later, in 1954.

He eventually joined the army and went on to serve at several war theatres, before starting his personal career into the world of adventure and polar exploration.  Let us follow him as he shares those moments through this presentation. How he evolved from fighting the communists for the Sultan of Oman, to attempting the most challenging expeditions over the Poles. Reason alleged? “Because the Norwegians were trying to do it first”





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain.com