Spain Ultra Cup launched: Four prestigious ultra trails & ITRA.


 The four mountain races that have founded this Spain Ultra Cup are: TNF Transgrancanaria, Penyagolosa Trails, Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons,  and Gran Trail Peñalara. The purpose of the circuit is to offer the best of mountain ultra running to runners, both national and international, allowing them to tailor their choice of races according to their schedule and preferences .

The organizers together with reference runners from Spain.

The organizers together with reference runners from Spain.



Last Saturday saw the official presentation at Madrid of the new  “Spain Ultra Cup” national ultra running series , led by the four race directors of the prestigious founding races , together with Michel Poletti , president of the International Trail Running ( ITRA )

As declared by the organizers, the circuit is at the moment open to add selectively one or two further races among those that meet the stringent quality requirements in order to allow for greater geographical coverage and time range .

Of particular importance was the presence in the act of Michel Poletti,  who had chosen to make this his first trail running large event in the peninsula. Michel is one of the great references of the trail running world: He presides over ITRA, whose world ranking collects and sorts results of over 2,500 trail races to rank more than 300,000 runners.

He is also the cofounder of the TNF Ultra Trail Mont Blanc , probably the most charismatic ultra trail on a global perspective. Currently, he is focused on supporting the global development of the trail running sport, including support for major initiatives like the Ultra Trail World Tour.

The launch of the Spain Ultra Cup was attended by major figures of all sectors of the trail running scene in: Champions of Spain Raul Garcia Castán and Vanesa Ortega ; popular runners, race organizers from the Basque Country to Andalusia, brand managers from outdoor companies and outdoor retailers. All of them supporting the most important ultra trail initiative yet launched in Spain.

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Operating rules Spain Ultra Cup: Upon completion of each race, runners will receive ranking points for the Cup,  proportionate to both his race ranking as well as with the race field competitive level. At the end of the year, every runner´s  position in the final ranking will consider only the best three best results achieved, to proclaim the Champion for the Spain Ultra Cup.

Spain Ultra Cup: Michel Poletti. President ITRA.

Spain Ultra Cup: Michel Poletti. President ITRA.

Declarations by Michel Poletti , president of ITRA:  “In France we say that the number of runners trail running our country is perhaps the largest in the world. But we also recognize that the quality of the Spanish trail runners is unmatched at the moment. I wanted to be here today for three reasons: First, to support this circuit focused upon the popular trail runners, which seems a great initiative from the ITRA perspective . I wanted also to learn more about how things work in Spain,that have led to this level of competitive excellence among its elite runners. Finally ,I looked forward  to sharing our philosophy on the values ​​of trail and some of the lessons learned around the world in recent years .”

Spain Ultra Cup: Carlos Gonzalez. RD Transgrancanaria.

Spain Ultra Cup: Carlos Gonzalez. RD Transgrancanaria.

Declarations Carlos González , RD for TNF Transgrancanaria : “From the origins of Transgrancanaria our greatest desire has been to offer the popular runner a unique and unforgettable experience, and that is why every edition we look at how our races might be further improved. Today we are pleased to announce that we will be part of Spain Ultra Cup , a circuit that links to some of the most prestigious ultra races from our country.

All share values ​​such as respect for the environment in which the events taks place , the enhancement of local cultural and landscape heritage plus a  desire to improve the living conditions at each  territory were a race is held. We also share a commitment to equality among all participants , from first to last that ever cross our finish line, and the existence of equal rules for everyone, without exception.

In the case of The North Face Transgrancanaria , the runner can enjoy the incredible environmental diversity of the island of Gran Canaria , surprise himself with the landscape and climatic differences to be experienced during the race. From  the spectacular cliffs of the north coast to the soft sand of the south of the island , having traveledin between through dense  pine forests , huge ancient volcano craters, inland villages and even areas of ancient Aboriginal settlements. Such a unique way to discover our island will most probably come back for a repeat visit at a more relaxed pace with family and friends”

Spain Ultra Cup: Tico Cervera. RD Penyagolosa Trails.

Spain Ultra Cup: Tico Cervera. RD Penyagolosa Trails.

Declarations Tico Cervera , RD Penyagolosa Trails: “Several sports clubs of the Castellón province pooled their forces together with the Castellón County Counci l, some time ago under the brand Penyagolosa trails to promote the region´s two most relevant ultra races:  The 63km Marató i Mitja (MiM) and the 115k Ultra Castellón Penyagolosa (CSP115). This union allowed us to work harder and better for the development of our sport .

Among our specific objectives  we include positioning the province of Castellón as a leader among the national scene of mountain races , promoting the development of mountain running , and promote the natural  landscape and cultural environment of the interior of the province of .

Therefore, it was only  logical for us now to apply the same philosophy up into the national level ,working together with another three ultra trail organizations with a  proven track record and highly valued by amateur runners from all around the country. Our joint effort now aims to build a  quality circuit with maximum guarantees where every fan can choose  every year among our series to  find the three races that best meet their problematic start and illusions.”

Spain Ultra Cup: Eduard Jorent. RD Volta Cerdanya

Spain Ultra Cup: Eduard Jorent. RD Volta Cerdanya

Declaration of Eduard Jornet , race director Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons: “La Cerdanya is an ideal place to enjoy the sport in a unique environment offering the ability to perform various outdoor sports, such as Nordic and alpine skiing , golf , horse riding, mountain biking and road fishing, climbing , hiking and RUNNING .

The courses of the races that make up the  VCUF ( Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons ) take you on a great tour  to discover the history , heritage , gastronomy and more of the  ancient Cerdanya  region, giving a new and dynamic concept to traditional mountain routes .

Running the  VOLTA CERDANYA ULTRAFONS in any of  its forms, stepping on  the trailsthat  link the villages of the region among them or with the neighboring regions allows for a wonderful natural setting ,  enjoying one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe for its amplitude and sunshine .  The mountain playground where athletes as Kilian Jornet or Emma Roca have spent countless hours exploring its charms and stepping up & down over the valley, surrounded by the four peaks that dominate it: Carlit, Puigpedrós , Tosa de la Plana and Puigmal .

The new Spain Ultra Cup circuit allows us to work closely with other major races in reaching out to a range of popular runner together with the best ultras in the country and make them all available throughout the year in the form and way that is more convenient per each of them.”

Sñain Ultra Cup: Felipe Gonzalez, RD Gran Trail Peñalara.

Sñain Ultra Cup: Felipe Gonzalez, RD Gran Trail Peñalara.

Declarations by Felipe Rodríguez , RD Gran Trail Peñalara: “The Gran Trail Peñalarawas  born in 2010 , giving special attention to the founding principels of the Royal Alpine Society of Peñalara, set back in 1913 to promote the natural and cultural values ​​of the unique Sierra de Guadarrama in the Central Massif in Spain. What better way for it than to be part of the Spain Ultra Cup, where  runners coming from all over our country and from abroad will get to live and feel the landscape values ​​of our mountains ,thus building a personal connection with them, while maintaining respect for a protected environment and its high natural and cultural values ​​.

The Sierra de Guadarrama is neither the tallest nor the most rugged of Spain´s  mountain ranges,  but at every corner of the GranTrail Peñalara course a trail runner will surely enjoy himself: From the huge granite boulder labyrinth that forms  the Pedriza Regional Park,  to the remain of the Peñalara glaciers up to 2.430m tall ,or the  majestic Valsaín forests, where Kings of Spain once held its royal fisheries and hunting reserves.

On the very trails we step on,  there traveled centuries ago icons of Spanish history and literature such as the religious Arcipreste de Hita or the noble Marqués de Santillana, whose poems and stories of the Guadarrama are still mandatory readings for all school boy in Spain.  Our trails are packed with history, from the Madrid to Santiago pilgrim way, to the Royal Fisheries trails and the best known  trekking route in Spain, the “Camino Schmid” from the Puerto de Fuenfría to the Puerto de Navacerrada

Being a founding member of  this project, along with other well respected veterans of ultra races  who share our same philosophy of dedication to the popular runner, down to every minor detail, is perhaps the best way today to keep ensure those values will be further advanced and respected by all.”

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