Kilian Jornet´s book “The invisible border” just launched: Summary & Video of the official presentation.

Kilian Jornet has just presented his second book: “The invisible border”. After the success of “Run or Die” back in 2011, this new book is the story of an expedition that is a search, an escape and also a reunion with his own self.

The book is now available in Spanish, French and Catalan. See below a summary of it, as well as pics of the official presentacion and the video of Kilian himself presenting the book in his very own words.

Kilian Jornet´s  book official presentation at Madrid.

Kilian Jornet´s book official presentation at Madrid.



Official presentation in his very own words. 

Jornet himself says that this book is very different from the first one, Run or Die. “The first book was more about the races themselves and the experiences I had undergone in those races. This second book is more of a personal quest in search of both physical and emotional boundaries.”

“This book talks about the boundaries that we encounter throughout our lives, some physical, others inside us. It also talks about emotions, searches and escape attempts. With this book I have been able to express myself from a different point of view,” declared Kilian Jornet.

As direct eye witnessess to the event, we are pleased to share Kilian´s personal comments on the reason why and the creative and personal processes that led to this book.



The plot revolves around a story that unfolds in remote peaks, intrepid descents, challenges, risks, dangers and life or death decisions. It talks about an expedition which is a search, an escape and a reunion; a journey in which emotions flourish, feelings are intensified, and words, silences and memories acquire new depths.

kilian jornet book  the invisible border

kilian jornet book the invisible border

Thus, Jornet explores a new form of literature and blends the personal recollection of the tragedy at the Alps that opens the book with later fiction based upon a real expedition on which he took part last winter, skiing wild uncharted territories at the Himalayas.

“The plot is a mixture of reality and fiction. In fact, the story is based on a trip to the Himalayas with climbers Jordi Corominas and Jordi Tosas. With that as a base, I built up a story which starts off at a difficult time in my life, and tells how I regained the enthusiasm to do things and to set myself new challenges. Writing the book has helped me a lot and I hope readers will enjoy it. “

kilian jornet book  the invisible border back

kilian jornet book the invisible border back

BUY KILIAN JORNET´S BOOK: If you are interested in it, the book can be found in Catalan and Spanish already and might be purchased directly either in the paperback or digital versions at Kilian’s very own online store here. The French edition will be presented on 18th November, published by Outdoor Editions.

The book is expected to be available in more languages​​ soon, as was the case with his previous book Run or Die, which has already been translated into more than ten languages.

See the original book presentation, summary and more in spanish here. 



During Kilian´s visit to Madrid for the official presentation of this second book, we shared time with him discussing his books, races and views on mountain running, both at the capital and also at the Guadarrama National Park, just 50km away. Some of those moments, here.



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Kilian Jornet and his books: Run or Die; The Invisible Border.


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