Skyrunning: Ultra Cavalls del Vent 2012 Video, Photos and results. Winners: Kilian Jornet & Nuria Picas

The skyrunning ultra Cavalls del Vent was won this year by Kilian Jornet and Nuria Picas, both excelling and setting new course records. Unfortunately, all 1.000 runners endured this year heavy weather conditions, resulting in only 223 finishers. Worst of all, veteran female ultrarunner Teresa farriol i rafel died of hypothermia. Our race correspondent, Ander Ortega was among those that finished, after 14h27m of effort. Come share with us the video he shot himself as he was running the 85km course. Most recommended in order to understand the race as it was endured by the average trailrunner. 


ULTRA CAVALLS DEL VENT: Results Winners Kilian Jornet & Nuria Picas. 

Local sky runners Kilian Jornet and Nuria Picas performed excelently despite the elements, not only winning their races but also setting new records under the rain, wind and cold. Americans Anton Krupicka and Dakota Jones came in second and third places respectively for the men, while Anna Frost and Emelie Forsberg did the same among women.

Anton Krupicka, in his third big race this year, was a happy second only 7’ behind Jornet.  Both finished below the standing record.  Dakota Jones lived up to podium expectations to finish third, 23 minutes later. Manuel Merillas and Philipp Reiter were 4th and 5th respectively. The positive surprise of the day was in fact Manuel Merillas performance. The young spaniard made 4th after a most consistent race. Merillas, only 21 years old, seems posed together with Dakota Jones and Philipp Reiter for many skyrunning podiums over next years, as the three of them were born only a few months apart.

The ladies race was a very tight finish with Nuria Picas, Anna Frost andEmelie Forsberg all crossing the line within five minutes of each other.  Not only did Picas better her winning time last year by over an hour, the three arrived 8th, 9th and 10th overall.

There was a heavy toll among top runners with Tòfol Castanyer dropping just past the halfway point followed by last year’s winner Miguel Heras and later, Joe Grant who succumbed to an injury flare-up and hypothermia.

This fourth edition of the Ultra Cavalls del Vent will be sadly remembered for the tragic death of Teresa, due to the immense challenges of distance andvertical climb in freezing conditions endured.

Kilian Jornet confirmed his leadership of both the combined Skyrunner World Series and the Ultra Series, followed by Philipp Reiter, Dakota Jones and Anton Krupicka.

The battle for the women’s Ultra title is between Anna Frost and Nuria Picas, neck and neck, while Emelie Forsberg is third, in her first long distance race but leading the combined Skyrunner World Series which will conclude on October 14 with the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon in Malaysia.


TERESA FARRIOL I RAFEL, veteran ultra runner, died of hypothermia. 

The race ended on a most tragic note when at 2AM the Berga hospital confirmed that the veteran ultra trail runner and current Catalunya champion of this specialty, Teresa Farriol i Rafel had died of a cardiac arrest caused by hypothermia. Teresa will be sadly missed.


CURSA CAVALLS DEL VENT 2012 : Photo galleries.



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