Spaniards at the Trail Mont Blanc Races 2012: CCC Tofol Castanyer 1st / UTMB Emma Roca 3rd / TDS Pablo Villa 4th

Spaniards at the trail Mont Blanc races this year accounted for the second largest national group, with 9% of total entry requests sent. Way beyond the French, anyway, which still account for 56% of what is number-wise a French alpine race.

Emma Roca 3rd at UTMB.

Tofol Castanyer 1st at CCC. Photo: Salomon.

Pablo Villa 4th at TDS. Photo:


SPANIARDS AT ULTRA MONT BLANC 2012. Smiles, courage and tears 

Under terrible weather conditions, runners of all nationalities put forward an impressive display of courage and committment to reach the finish line at Chamonix which at times seemed more challenging than ever. Such was the case with TDS as it was the firs race launched, with no adjustment in its course and hence came head on against the elements. The result: A staggering 56% DNF rate. The races launched after it were consequently trimmed down. Taking 5k off, including the highest passes for CCC. Cutting down to just 100k the UTMB.

Even so, finishing any of the races during this 2012 edition amounted to a tough challenge, in all cases.  Testimony to it are the final meters to the finish line of this great 4 spanish runners, each with a great track record of victories or top3 at several ultra trail the world over, and this day at Chamonix representing races as different as night & day. Come finish UTMB with us: Join Emma Roca, Nerea Martínez, Zigor Iturrieta and Jose Vicente benito as they ran the home strech at Chamonix. 





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