TNF Transgrancanaria results 2012: Winners Sebastian Chaigneau & Fernanda Maciel

Transgrancanaria results 123K: 214 finishers

Transgrancanaria results 96K  : 175 finishers

One more year for the four Transgrancanaria races has gone by, and the bar has been set again just a little bit higher: Superb performances by winners Sebastian Chaigneau (new race record as well) and Fernanda Maciel account for that. 

The “Two Lighthouses Procession 2012” is over: Once again we took off at midnight  from the dunes of Maspalomas, we climbed strenously till a magic arrival at the Roque Nublo, further up to reach the 2,000 meters at Pico de las Nieves, only to drop again ravine by ravine to reach our final goal: 123 kilometers and 11,000 meters of up & downs. This ultra trail at The canaries continues keeps growing from year to year, but there is no doubt that this 2012 broke all previous bets on the winners.

Of the 10 favorites that started the race, four came up as DNF in the final rankings of the race, for different reasons: Aitor Leal was the most predictable, having made a huge effort just to take the start, despite having just been let out of a hospital the day before. Lizzy Hawker came to rest with the very same injury that she endured despite so much pain and effort to complete the UTMB2011.  This time she chose to stop rather than risk an injury that would shatter her entire season. Emma Roca, who crossed the finish line as first woman, was finally disqualified for not having seen and signed at the Roque Nublo control

Perhaps it was the withdrawal of Zigor Iturrieta that best represents what this sport is about: Zigor, the champion here in 2011, came out strongly. But with the passage of a few kilometers gastric problems finally forced him to retire. From the outlines, he recovered slowly to the point that when hours later the 42k race was to start from Garañón he requested to participate as a “guest” out of competition. And off he went, putting on his best smile and hitting the finihs line among the leaders. Pure and simple love of running the trails there. A feeling that unites us all, of the elite to very last finisher.

123K Transgrancanaria RESULTS: Champions Chaigneau and Maciel

Despite all the incidents endured by toher favorites, there can be no doubt that this year´s  champions completed a fabulous race themselves: Sebastian Chaigneau not only won with authority  but also took it upon him to burst the record down to 12h54. In the pre-race interview that you have below (in English) Seb told us a few hours before race start how difficult it had been to prepare for this race while living through the alpine winter on a continous subzero temperature. In this case, no doubt, his enthusiasm and effort have earnet him a much deserved award. ¡Bravo Seb!

Second was another big favorite, the Salomon Portugal runner Armando Teixeira with 13h27 and third was John Tidd to 14h31. The latter, after the disqualification of Miroslav Osladil, which, inexplicably, decided not to wear the mandatory bib of the race.

The women also came through a very high level competition, with great performances: Brazil’s Fernanda Maciel was finally declared winner with 15h02, after the disqualification of Emma Roca, who was first to cross the finish line, for missing a checkpoint.  Fernanda was also the 5 th place overall, a superb performance. See below her point of view just hours before the start.

Esther Fernandez was second with 17h25 and third came in another favorite from the Salomon running team,  swiss Denise Zimmermann in 18h23.

Transgrancanaria 96 KM: Champions Carlos Garcia and Lidia Gomez

The 96 kilometers race went out along with the 123k on Friday midnight at Playa del Ingles. This year’s victory went to the local military Carlos Garcia with a time of 10.15, with a clear advantage ahead of Alexis Almeida´s 11h10. Esteban Garcia came third  at 11h25. In the women, Lydia Gomez was also a very prominent winner with 13h34 to 15h22 Ojefelt Laila, and Fiona Taylor 17h29.


Herebelow please find a small sample of the pre-race atmosphere.

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