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Cross Alpino del Telégrafo 2013: Fotos.

PHOTOGALLERY: MADRID´S CROSS ALPINO DEL TELEGRAFO (17k/D+800m) was ran June 16th by over 400 people, of whom 392 can be seen here. Its back drop is the newly declared Guadarrama National Park, a very well preserved mountain area with peaks up to 2.430m and just 50k from Madrid.

XVI Madrid Alpine Marathon 2012 video. The great classic of trail running in Spain (42k/D+2650m)

The Madrid Alpine Marathon (“Maratón Alpino Madrileño”) is a classic of trail running in Spain.  Born back in 1995, it has gone on ever since to become the oldest and one of the most charismatic trail races in Spain today . Great champions from the world over have challenged themselves over its demanding course in […]